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Bach Professional Harmony Model V16 Stradivarius Valve Trombone

Stradivarius Valve Trombone

"Stradivarius" - .485" bore, 7-1/2" one-piece yellow brass hand-hammered bell, Monel pistons, clear lacquer finish, adjustable third slide with rod stop. Comes with genuine Vincent Bach 12C small shank mouthpiece and zippered Cordura covered wood shell case

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Semi-precious Gemstone Finger Buttons

Natural semi-precious gemstone inserts are top quality, highly polished materials. These exotic materials are a product of mother nature and vary widely in color and design. Five available stones, shown left, are rolled into finely machined buttons and can be matched with three plating options. All three plating options have a baked on coating for lasting durability. Stradivarius Gemstone Finger Buttons are packaged and priced in sets of three.


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