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Sean Walsh

Affiliation: The United States Air Force Band
Carolina Philharmonic

Artist's Biography
Sean Walsh is a professional musician/instructor with over twenty years of trumpet performance experience and over 18 years of brass teaching experience. He is committed to excellence in teaching his students the fundamentals of music while helping them master their instruments. He teaches all levels of students with varying levels of proficiency from beginners to college and professionals.

After graduation from Boston University where he studied exclusively with the members of the Empire Brass, his training led him to win an audition with the prestigious United States Air Force Band where he would later perform for 15 years in Washington D.C. at the White House, Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, The Kennedy Center and many others. During this time he also performed in 30 different countries and nearly every state in the united states performing clinics from brass ensembles to large band performances with choir, to include artists such as David Holsinger and Tony Bennett.

Since his retirement from active duty with The United States Air Force Band his performing skills are in high demand and he is consistently booked throughout the year. A student/colleague of the Empire Brass, Mr. Walsh is now committed to sharing and teaching the skills needed to be successful as a professional brass player and chamber music musician. Mr. Walsh has enjoyed performing as asuccessful contract musician with the local groups such as the North Carolina Symphony, Durham Performing Arts Center, Jens Lindemenn and other, and is focused on exploring the possibilities of established a strong brass and chamber music program available to talented students in the area in order to share knowledge and further the legacy of music. Mr. Walsh is very well connected in-residence with three separate school systems when he teaches dozens of brass musicians every day. Mr. Walsh always has, and always will play exclusively on Bach instruments.

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Southwest: USAF Band
Heritage 1: USAF Band " Morton Gould Conductor
Heritage 11: USAF Band " Ron Nelson Conductor
Heritage 111: USAF Band " Robert Jager Conductor
Heritage 1v: USAF Band " W.Francis McBeth Conductor
Heritage V: USAF Band -- David R. Holsinger Conductor

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