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Frederic Demers

Affiliation: Soloist, 8 Trumpets and 1 Piano, Fred Piston and his 7 Trumpets, Trio Débonnaire, Magnitude6

Artist's Biography
Frederic Demers, trumpet player and pedagogue

Frederic obtained his Doctorssssssss degree in Cornet Performance at the Montreal University.

Upon having attended Frederic Demerss concerts, everyone agrees that this musician may surely be considered as one of the best trumpet and cornet players to be born in Canada in generations. Currently, Frederic is teaching at the Val-dOr Conservatory, in Canadas Northern Quebec, as well as at Montreals Regina Assumpta College. In addition, this strong-willed and technically flamboyant young virtuoso is in great demand as an orchestral soloist. Since 2009, he has been invited to play with someone dozen Canadian symphonic and major wind ensembles.

Frederic Demers also happens to be one of those musicians for whom chamber music is a passion. To that effect, he is a founding member of the IMPACT Brass Quintet Magnitude6, which has given itself the mission of making the general public better acquainted and appreciative of new and avant-garde music that, more and more, is being written for brass ensembles. since 1994. More recently, namely in 2007, he also joined the very dynamic

Frederic Demers very much enjoys the contact he can establish with children by means of music. He can thus pass on strong emotions, different from what movies, television or video games can bring them. In 2006, he created a multimedia show that features eight or more different types of trumpets. Since 2007, with the collaboration of Jeunesses Musicales du Canada, Mr. Demers performed a one-man-show called Fred Piston and his 7 Trumpets over 400 times for about 40,000 youths aged between 3 to 12.

Stemming from a family in which classical music has always been present, Frederic Demers has nonetheless also taken an interest in jazz for over 20 years. This versatility has been following him throughout his careers progression, which explains why he can be heard improvising as much on disc as in concert.

Artist's Influences
Alan Vizzutti, Antoine Curé, Bruno Nouvion, Guy Few, James Thompson, Jean-Louis Chatel, Jens Lindemann, John Wallace, Manon Lafrance, Paul Merkelo, Raymond Mase, Serge Chevanel and Thomas Stevens. In regard to the cornet, of which he is particularly fond, his principal masters have been Jean-Louis Chatel and Pierre Gillet. Lastly, in respect to chamber music, the masters under which he studied are tubist Alain Cazes and trombonist Alain Trudel.

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